NoMarr Strap

The inspiration for the NoMarr Strap came out of necessity. I needed a fastening strap that was easily adjustable, could hold up to the elements, and didn't scratch my machinery while keeping hydraulic hoses in place.

Being in the injection molding business for more than 20 years, I had the tools in place and set out to design something I could not find in the current market place.

Through this necessity, the NoMarr Strap was born.

-Ken Arendt

The Rapid Tie is easily EXPANDABLE

Using a variety of versatile fastening techniques, connect as many straps as you need to secure any item, large or small, indoor or outdoors.



  • Securing boat covers
  • Strapping items to ATV racks for transport
  • Attaching items to motorcycle travel racks
  • Fastening canoe and kayak gear
  • Organize and secure camping equipment

Lawn & Garden

  • Securing and hanging hoses
  • Used to stabilize young trees to stakes
  • Keeps garden/yard fences closed
  • Organize and bundle shovels and rakes



Garage & Shop 

  • Organize and hang extension cords
  • Secure hydraulic hoses

Tarps & Covers

  • Secure boat, RV, ATV, snowmobile, and motorcycle covers
  • Secure tarps and awnings for gazebos, cover wood piles
  • Secure winter storage items


  • Stabilize and secure furniture, boxes and other household items
  • Secure items to two wheel hand carts 
NoMarr Strap

The uses are limitless.