Kena Log Grappler

The Kena "Log Grapple", offers a new alternative to handling logs, at an affordable price. The three point attachment is designed for pulling and lifting trees, without leaving the seat of your tractor. The grapple and beam separate easily to haul or store. It can be used with bucket or skid steer, and its many uses reduce the back breaking work of heavy lifting.

The kena "Log Grapple" greatly reduces time that's normally spent fishing chains under and around the trunk of the tree. Simply clamp on and go. Elevating the log slightly improves traction and reduces drag, allowing you to move more with less power. Use it to bundle and haul smaller logs, larger limbs and brush. Load wood splitters with blocks that are too heavy to lift.

The sturdy design of the beam and grapple offers a commercial grade product for the average woodsman. Its simple design offers fewer moving parts, increasing its durability and longer life.

Lift logs for blocking and limbing, without having to bend over. Make easier cuts without pinching the saw, and keeps your chain sharper, longer, out of the dirt.

Using the main beam support to stabilize the load, the grapple can be used to lift the entire log for limbing, cutting and hauling. It is also great for loading splitters, trailers and broilers.



Fits Cat. 1&2 3-Point. 25-100 HP
Max Cap. 2000# at 25 HP
Jaw Width 30" max. 1/2 min.
Hydraulic psi. max. 3000#
Weight Beam 130# Grapple 110# 


Kena Log Grapple in action.