About Us

Kena Manufacturing LLC is the builder of the Log Grappler and the NoMarr Strap. The Log Grappler is an affordable alternative to handling logs.

The NoMarr Strap was designed as a non-marking bungee-like strap that could withstand the elements and hold the hydraulic hoses for the Log Grappler in place while the machinery was being operated.

It became quickly apparent that the NoMarr Strap was very useful for many applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Recreational
  • Manufacturing
  • Household
  • Lawn and Garden

Kena LLC strives to make a quality product that can be used inside and outside. Traditional bungee-like cords often do not withstand the elements.

We proudly sponsor

"NoMarr Strap is a proud sponsor of the Degenhardt Motor Sports NTPA Tractor", "Digginhard"