Welcome to NoMarr Strap

The inspiration for the NoMarr Strap came out of necessity. I needed a fastening strap that was easily adjustable, could hold up to the elements, and didn't scratch my machinery while keeping hydraulic hoses in place.

Being in the injection molding business for more than 20 years, I had the tools in place and set out to design something I could not find in the current market place.

Through this necessity, the NoMarr Strap was born.

-Ken Arendt



Rapid Tie Strap

Holds up to the elements for outdoor uses BETTER than traditional bungee-like cords. Learn More


Doc King

The Doc King will be gentle of your investment for years of precision boat docking. It allows for quick and secure fastening, is easy to store and will not tangle like other ropes. Learn More


Kena Log Grappler

The Kena "Log Grapple", offers a new alternative to handling logs, at an affordable price. The three point attachment is designed for pulling and lifting trees, without leaving the seat of your tractor. The grapple and beam separate easily to haul or store. It can be used with bucket or skid steer, and its many uses reduce the back breaking work of heavy lifting. Learn More